Fedje municipality

Fedje municipality has approximately 600 inhabitants and covers a area of 9,3 km2. Fedje comprises about 125 small islands, with a main island of 7.5 km. The highest point is Feibjørnen, 42 metres above sea level. The M/S Fedjefjord takes you out on the “ocean waves” for 30 minutes before you arrive at the village in the ocean on the island of Fedje, a sea anglers’ paradise. The ferry quay on Fedje is the millennium site for Fedje municipality. You can wander on foot through the coastal landscape along the North Sea Coastal Trail, where the sea breeze and ocean spray are like balm for your soul.

Hellisøy Lighthouse is a very visible landmark on Fedje. Take a lighthouse safari to one of the fifteen destinations in the world really worth travelling to, as ranked by the British newspaper, the Observer, in 2003. You can also stay overnight in the lighthouse keeper’s house in authentic surroundings.

You can stay in comfort on Fedje, in traditional-style cabins down by the shore or in other accommodation. You can enjoy an excellent dinner and rent a wharfside cabin at the old trading station and inn, Kræmmerholmen. Boats for hire. Fedje also has the Holmen café which lets rooms. Further inland is Kroken cabin. Havstad Tinn, which sells pewter products and jewellery from its factory shop, is down by the quay. It also has a summer gallery and guest marina.


The Hellisøy lighthouse, dating from 1855, was the second tower to be made from cast iron in Norway. Today the lighthouse is automated. Enjoy the magnificent view and exciting lighthouse stories. Open 3 June to 27 August. Experience holiday in lighthouse keeper’s house. Small groups of up to 20 persons.


Built in 1941. Open daily in the summer season, mid-June – mid August. Guiding 2 hours every day.


Coastal exhibition with production and sale of souvenirs. Harbour with boat hire, also engine and mechanical workshop.


View of Fedje and the North Sea. The centre arranges pilot services and monitors sea traffic in the area.


Panoramic view of the ocean to the west. In clear weather it is possible to see the oil platforms on the Troll field. Remains of German installations from the Second World War. Fresh whale meat.


Pewter products jewellery, tableware, table decorations and other souvenirs. It is a pewter factory with long-standing traditions in Norway. Guided tours and factory shop.


Fedje is paradise for sea angling! There are many fishing grounds in the waters off Fedje. Boat hire necessary. Good fishing from the shore Vinappen (Fedje). Parking close by. Around Fyrsundet sound. Parking at Fyrsundet sound, Hjeltevarden, Hovden Parking at Husøya. There is good fjord and sea fishing in Nordhordland. Not far to the west there are a lot of good fishing spots in the sea, where you can catch large cod, catfish and other types of fish. The open sea, the sounds and the calm waters of the fjords offer many good places to fish both from a boat or from the shore; salmon, trout, mackerel, cod, saithe, ling, pollack, tusk, halibut, flounder, angler fish and catfish. Get hold of a good sea chart with information about depth and the sea bed, and an angling guide with information about where to find the various species of fish – together these can provide you with a fine catch!

Some of the fjord and sea fishing spots in our region are Lurefjorden just north of Lurekalven, Lurosen, The Fensfjord, Austfjorden, Risasjøen. The Stone Age site at Straume by Fonstraum bridge. For thousands of years this has been one of the best fishing spots in Hordaland. Toska there are many good fishing spots along the interesting road from Manger to Toska. The road which follows the curves of the coast, is an attraction in itself. Øyanevegen road from Austrheim out to Sævrøy, Krossøy and Baløy many good fishing spots along the way.


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