Fitjar municipality

Fitjar muncipality has approximately 3.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 142,8 km2 and lies in Hordaland. Fitjar municipality covers the northern part of the island of Stord and surrounding islands, while the municipality of Stord covers the southern part of the island. Fitjar is often called the island paradise in Sunnhordland. Possibly the most beautiful access to Fitjar is by the sea route. Fitjar islands offer unique scenery, and constitute an important resorce for the municipality. Because of the special heather moors, proposals have been made to turn the area into a national park. Fitjar is a gathering of islands and rocks divided by shallow straits and channels.

Traditional shipping routes pass trough the area, and the municipality contains several trading posts dating back as far as 1648. The Fitjar islands are a popular boating destination. The communication to Fitjar is good. If you are going north to Bergen there will be a ferry every half-hour for almost all hours of the day. If you are going south, the new connection to the mainland, Trekantsambandet, enables you to go by car. The closest airport, Stord airport, is half an hour by car.

If you love the outdoors, you will find that Fitjar has got it all. Whatever your heart might desire. You can take a walk in the forest, the hills or the mountains. The variety in the nature is impressing. There is a wonderful flora and the view is great, especially the view to the many bare mountains towards the sea at Brandasund, Fitjarøyane and Austevoll. It will only take an hour of walking before you are quite high up, so high in fact that you get that high mountain feeling.

In this area you will find a variety of activities: Fishing in the sea or in a lake Joining a boattrip with an old, restored, traditinol sailing yacht visiting a museum, walking in the mountains. There are a lot of possibilities. Further on Fitjar can offer its own blacksmith, tours by horse and cariole, interesting cultural heratige and a prospering musiclife and many active organizations.

Companies in and around Fitjar, Kværner Stord, Wärtsilä Ship Design, Fitjar Laks and Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted.


Few hotels can offer more variety in arrangements than Fitjar Fjordhotel. We can offer; extraordinary dance-evenings, discos and karaokes. The Hotel arranges lots of special events throughout the year. If you should be at Fitjar this spring, you will have the opportunity to excperience the unique atmosphere in our reviewtent. Fitjar Fjordhotel is close to the new Sports and Leisure Center, and we often put on activities with them. The hotel is also cooperating with the sailboat Seladon, which offers unforgettable maritime experiences in the very beautiful coastal area surrounding Fitjar.


The sailboat Seladon offers unforgettable maritime experiences in the very beautiful coastal area surrounding Fitjar. Those who like to fish can easily find what they seek, both on land and and at sea.


The innermost harbour has 5 moorings for guests.


Storavatnet in Fitjar is reckoned to be the lake to be fishing char in, the best in the whole of Southern Norway. Kjereelvo is by fishing-enthusiasts praised and they call it an Eldorado where you can catch both Salmon and Sea trout. It is also possible to hire a boat, partissipate in seafishing or have guided fishing-tours.


6 km south of the centre of Fitjar you will find the farm Koløen. The farm has been run since 1626. On the farm you will find cows, free range chickens and other animals. Besides milk, the farm produces vegetables, herbs, free range eggs and berries. You are welcome to spend your holiday in our beautiful and peaceful surroundings, whether you would like to stay for a longer or shorter period. The farm has also a garden with a large varity of organically grown herbs. We can offer you new, fully equipped huts, size 48 m2 + 15 m2 sleping loft. You will have a rowing-boat at your free disposal in one of the best fishing lakes in western Norway when it comes to char. We offer you free seatrout fishing in river “Kjerelvo”, once a week.


Fitjar Church was built during 1867 over the site of the old stone church that had been demolished. Stone blocks taken from the old stone church were used as foundations for the present day church as well as for the walling enclosing the Churchyard. Opposite Fitjar Church is Haakon´s Park (Håkonarparken), the location of a sculpture of Haakon the Good sculpted by Anne Grimdalen. The statue was erected during 1961 at the one thousand year commemoration of the Battle of Fitjar.


In the Håkonarpark, in the centre of Fitjar, there is a statue of “Håkon den Gode”, who fell at Fitjar during the battle against the “Erikssønene” – the Sons of Erik – in 961 AD. The statue is the work of sculptor Anne Grimdalen, and was unveiled by King Olav in 1961 during the millennium jubilee of the battle at Fitjar. Håkon had been taking advantage of his royal right to obtain food and lodging from his vassals at the Fitjar royal estate when the sons of his brother Erik launched an attack. An arrow wounded the king in the arm, and he died at Håkonshella, where he was born. The royal estate was probably on the site of the old Fitjar courtyard. on the field east of the church. A relic form this time, is said to be “Kongsbrunnen” or “Håkonarbrunnen”, (Håkon´s well). Restoration work on the well started in 1997.

The battle at Fitjar is the theme of “Håkonarspelet”, or (Håkon´s Play), which had its premier in the Håkonarpark in August 1997. The play, “Kongen med Gullhjelmen” (The King with the Golden Helmet) has been written by Johannes Heggland and commission from the co-operative project Cultural communication: Håkon den Gode, and the director was theatre manager Anne Gullestad. Professional actors took part along with local amateurs. The intention is for the Håkonarspelet to become a tradition in connection with the history weeks that thake place each year.


Fitjar´s mountain wilds are easily accessible. The new path to Svartavatnet lake is a good hike. The walk begins at the parking space by the water power station, and leads to Svartavatnet. The walk is about four kilometres long. The path is adapted to the needs of wheel chair users, and has a number of good picnic spots with a view over the Fitjar village. Families with prams, wheel chair users and pensioner groups are frequent users of the path. Also try the walk in Rossneset. Park by the club house near the sports grounds. The path starts behind the club house.

Culture walk take you past the Håkonar park, the Kongsbrønn (the King´s well), Rimsvarden and cultural monuments in the centre of Fitjar. The walk is mostly on tarred road, and some tracks, and takes about one hour. Maps (both for car and hiking) can be purchased at the Tourist Information Office and at overnight accommodations such as hotels.


It is possible to fish in Storavatnet lake, where you will find both trout and char. Fishing licenses can be purchased at Odd Larsen tel. +47 53 49 72 07 or Koløen Bondegårdsferie, tel. +47 53 49 91 96.

There is good fjord and sea fishing in Nordhordland. Not far to the west there are a lot of good fishing spots in the sea, where you can catch large cod, catfish and other types of fish. The open sea, the sounds and the calm waters of the fjords offer many good places to fish both from a boat or from the shore; salmon, trout, mackerel, cod, saithe, ling, pollack, tusk, halibut, flounder, angler fish and catfish. Get hold of a good sea chart with information about depth and the sea bed, and an angling guide with information about where to find the various species of fish together these can provide you with a fine catch!

Some of the fjord and sea fishing spots in our region are Lurefjorden just north of Lurekalven, Lurosen, The Fensfjord, Austfjorden, Risasjøen. The Stone Age site at Straume by Fonstraum bridge. For thousands of years this has been one of the best fishing spots in Hordaland. Toska – there are many good fishing spots along the interesting road from Manger to Toska. The road which follows the curves of the coast, is an attraction in itself. Øyanevegen road from Austrheim out to Sævrøy, Krossøy and Baløy many good fishing spots along the way.


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