Fjell municipality

Fjell municipality consists of several islands west of Bergen, the major ones being Litlesotra, Store Sotra (the northern part), Bildøy, Bjorøy, Misje and Turøy. A highway that leads to Bergen has reduced the traveling time to only fifteen minutes from the community centre at Straume on Litle-Sotra. From the city to the ocean in less than half an hour mountain municipality, the modern and pulsating island community just west of Bergen, approximately 23.000 inhabitants, rapidly growing residential and industrial area and a content-rich community center on Straume.

Most of the municipality is 148,1 km2 in three major islands. The area is divided into the northern part of Sotra, Bildøyna, Litle Sotra and more than 500 large and small islands, islets and rocks. The municipality is an island with more than 500 islands, islets and reefs. Residents islands are Lillesotra, Sotra, Bildøy, Misje, Turøy, Langøy, Syltøy, Algrøy and Bjorøy. The municipality´s highest mountain is Liatårnet in Sotra.

The municipality has the mainland connection to Bergen, great migration and an expanding business built on oil, technology and service. Ågotnes is located on the island of Store Sotra. Kystbasen CCB and Ågotnes Industrial area, Western Norway´s most important center for service and supply services to the oil and gas activities in the North Sea.

The countryside offers relaxation and good experiences with heather moors and rocks, water shimmers and the open sea. Here you can fish from the shore, dive and white water rafting, canoeing, rowing or sailing, wander the beach or climb the steep mountain sides. In the hilly terrain, you´ll find hiking trails criss-cross. North Sea Trail is cleared and marked throughout the municipality. Do you have a boat, you can plan for the islands and reefs, enjoy the sunset and the great silence … or you can add from your fishing rod and go up Russarstegen the fence Heritage Farm to Museum West.


Sotra or Store Sotra is the name of a large island, located just west of the city of Bergen. It is part of a pair of islands called Sotra that are part of a large archipelago stretching from Fedje southwards along the coast of Norway. The larger island of the two is Store Sotra (also called Sotra), and the smaller (but most populated) of the two is Litlesotra. The northern two-thirds of the large island of Sotra is part of the municipality of Fjell and the southern third of Sotra is part of the municipality of Sund. The main population centres on Sotra include (from north to south) Vindenes, Ågotnes, Knappskog, Møvik, Tælavåg, Hammarsland, Skogsvågen, and Klokkarvik.

The island of Sotra is part of an archipelago, so it is surrounded by islands and waterways. To the east of Sotra lies the island of Litlesotra. The small islands of Bildøy and Geitung lie near Litlesotra. The Raunefjorden (to the east) separates Sotra from Bergen. The small islands of Tyssøyna, Lerøyna, and Bjelkarøyna lie in the Raunefjorden off the southeastern coast of Sotra. To the south of Sotra lies the island of Toftøya and the Korsfjorden. To the west of Sotra lie a number of small islands including Algrøyna and Lokøyna. Finally, to the north of Sotra lie the small islands of Misje, Turøyna, and Toftøyna. Sotra is connected to the mainland by a series of road bridges across Bildøy and Litlesotra before crossing the Sotra Bridge, the seventh-longest suspension bridge in Norway.


A Mountain Fortress, just up from Route 555. On historical grounds – along the trenches and underground passages – you can enjoy the panoramic view over the archipelago. Museum west are open during the summer, with guided tours inside the dark, but fascinating fortress from the last world war.


Langøy Coastal Centre (Langøy Market) and numerous coastal culture, sports and music gatherings are pleasant activities to be missed. Find all else is applying, it is only a fifteen minute run to the city center.


There is good fjord and sea fishing in Nordhordland. Not far to the west there are a lot of good fishing spots in the sea, where you can catch large cod, catfish and other types of fish. The open sea, the sounds and the calm waters of the fjords offer many good places to fish both from a boat or from the shore; salmon, trout, mackerel, cod, saithe, ling, pollack, tusk, halibut, flounder, angler fish and catfish. Get hold of a good sea chart with information about depth and the sea bed, and an angling guide with information about where to find the various species of fish together these can provide you with a fine catch!

Some of the fjord and sea fishing spots in our region are Lurefjorden just north of Lurekalven, Lurosen, The Fensfjord, Austfjorden, Risasjøen. The Stone Age site at Straume by Fonstraum bridge. For thousands of years this has been one of the best fishing spots in Hordaland. Toska – there are many good fishing spots along the interesting road from Manger to Toska. The road which follows the curves of the coast, is an attraction in itself. Øyanevegen road from Austrheim out to Sævrøy, Krossøy and Baløy many good fishing spots along the way.


Golfclubs in Hordaland.