Furebergfossen waterfall

The Furebergfossen waterfall is located on the Maurangerefjord road enroute Rosendal, and this waterfall, which is an obligatory stop for tourists, is much easier to reach nowadays by the new road from Jondal. Furebergsfossen is located 6 kilometer west of Sunndal/Kvinnherad along road 551 and is easy to access.

The river Furebergselva is being fed by melted water from the glacier Folgefonna. The water drops down over a height of 150 meter but the visible part is only 98 meter high (measured with a laser height meter) . After a warm period or in the summer the capacity of the river expands and results in a very powerful Furebergsfossen.

Nearby is the beautiful Bondhusdalen where you can make a tremendous beautiful hike and enjoy  Kroksfossen and Brufossen. Going the other way towards Rosendal you will find the Muradalen with two other nice waterfalls: Hattebergsfossen and Ringeriksfossen.