Hellisøy lighthouse

Hellisøy Lighthouse is a very visible landmark on Fedje. The lighthouse lies on the small island of Hellisøy, just off the southwest coast of the larger island of Fedje. The Hellisøy lighthouse, dating from 1855, was the second tower to be made from cast iron in Norway. Today the lighthouse is automated. Enjoy the magnificent view and exciting lighthouse stories. Open 3 June to 27 August. Experience holiday in lighthouse keeper’s house. Small groups of up to 20 persons.

The lighthouse emits a continuous white light with a more intense flash every 30 seconds. The light sits at an elevation of about 46 metres above sea level. The 32 metre tall round cast iron tower is painted red with two narrow white horizontal bands.

Take a lighthouse safari to one of the fifteen destinations in the world really worth travelling to, as ranked by the British newspaper, the Observer, in 2003. You can also stay overnight in the lighthouse keeper´s house in authentic surroundings.