Lofthus village lies along the eastern shore of the Sørfjorden, along the Norwegian National Road 13. Lofthus is located about 10 kilometres south of the village of Kinsarvik and about 30 kilometres north of the town of Odda.

Lofthus is a tourist area with hotels and camping sites. There is also a significant amount of fruit farming in the area, so Lofthus is home to a national fruit research centre. The most popular fruit to grow in this area is the cherry. The medieval Ullensvang Church is located in this village as is the Hardanger folk high school.

Skrikjofossen waterfall is located about 3,5 kilometres southeast of the village of Lofthus. Its total height is 455 metres, while the tallest single drop is 260 metres.

A waterfall plunges off the Hardangervidda into the Opojuvet high above the village of Lofthus. This vantage point is accessed via the trail to Nosi and traverses the Monks’ Steps (Munketreppene). Munkatreppene is next to Lofthus and has a length of 0,57 kilometres.

The composer Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) lived occasionally at Lofthus and composed many of his most famous works here. The composer Edvard Grieg came for the first time in 1878, and spent many summers, and one winter, in Lofthus. In Lofthus, he found the inspiration for music like “Springtime”, “The Holberg Suite” and “Peer Gynt Suite”. His composers cabin is still here, displayed in the hotel garden, and the surrounding nature can still inspire and impress even the greatest travellers! Hotel Ullensvang is family owned, and has been since the establishing in 1846.