Sund municipality

Sund muncipality lies on the south of Sotra, west of Bergen. It is an island district and includes 466 large and small islands and islets. Sund has a total area of 99,7 km2 with a 110 km long coastal line. The highest mountain is Førdesveten reaching 284 metres over sea level. There are almost 6.300 inhabitants in Sund. In Sund you also find some of the eldest places of residence in Norway. Old fishing environments with boat houses equipment from that time era. Sund is an excellent place for recreation with opportunities like fishing in both sea and inland waters, travelling, scuba diving and lots of other possibilities. In Skogvåg-krysset, lies Sund Centre with the regional administrations office, food stores, hardware shop, restaurants, doctor, gas stations etc. Skogsvåg-krysset/Sund Centre is a natural meeting place in Sund.

The main industry is based on fish and fish related businesses. Are you looking for really peacefull and quiet surroundings? By “Gåsavannet” (a small lake) on the nearby mountain “Nipafjellet” you can enjoy nature’s own silence. You can take a 45 minutes trip to Bergen where one will find several museums, shopping, nightlife and much more. The main attractions are Nordsjøfartsmuseum in Telavåg, Bygdemuseum at Berge, Old trade centre at Glesvær, Sund Kyrkje, Sotra Villmarksenter and Sotra Rorbusenter is lying in an old fishing environment.

Many uninhabited islands with smooth skerries and sheltered bathing places at Alvøy, Barholmen, Bjelkarøy-Buarøy, Risvika, Rophammaren, Tyssøy, Lerøy Fortress and Austre Synsholmen. Guest quay´s located at Handelstaden in Glesvær, Kleppe Båtlag in Klokkarvik, Marsteinen Hotel and Steinsland Guestharbour (Gjestehavn).


Sotra or Store Sotra is the name of a large island, located just west of the city of Bergen. It is part of a pair of islands called Sotra that are part of a large archipelago stretching from Fedje southwards along the coast of Norway. The larger island of the two is Store Sotra (also called Sotra), and the smaller (but most populated) of the two is Litlesotra. The northern two-thirds of the large island of Sotra is part of the municipality of Fjell and the southern third of Sotra is part of the municipality of Sund. The main population centres on Sotra include (from north to south) Vindenes, Ågotnes, Knappskog, Møvik, Tælavåg, Hammarsland, Skogsvågen, and Klokkarvik.

The island of Sotra is part of an archipelago, so it is surrounded by islands and waterways. To the east of Sotra lies the island of Litlesotra. The small islands of Bildøy and Geitung lie near Litlesotra. The Raunefjorden (to the east) separates Sotra from Bergen. The small islands of Tyssøyna, Lerøyna, and Bjelkarøyna lie in the Raunefjorden off the southeastern coast of Sotra. To the south of Sotra lies the island of Toftøya and the Korsfjorden. To the west of Sotra lie a number of small islands including Algrøyna and Lokøyna. Finally, to the north of Sotra lie the small islands of Misje, Turøyna, and Toftøyna. Sotra is connected to the mainland by a series of road bridges across Bildøy and Litlesotra before crossing the Sotra Bridge, the seventh-longest suspension bridge in Norway.


A new museum covering the activities and traffic of refugees and agents, in Telavåg during World War 2. The Nordsjøfartmuseum (North Sea Museum) is open every day during the summer, sundays the rest of the year. They can offer a cup of tea or dinner and of course an interesting museum experience.


Permanent exhibition of the work of the painter Roald Tellnes, as well as various art displays during the year. The road to Gallery Haganes passes through a mountainous area popular among climbers and a beautiful scenery.


One of the oldest trade centre along the coast. Established by Abraham Wessel (the grandfather of Tordenskjold) at the end of the 1600 AD. Guided tours by appointment. Different arrangements during the summer.


Museum for applied art from the old days. Guided tours by appointment.


200 years old buildings used for salt preserving food in the same style as Bryggen in Bergen. Tree buildings consisting of a cabin for salt preserving, one for serving food and drinks and one boathouse. All buildings have been restored and are open for visitors. Guided tours by appointment.


Just one kilometre from Sotra Rorbusenter. Wild, stuffed animals. Preparation of birds, animals and fishes by order. One can also rent canoes or boats for fishing in Sotras largest freshwater, “Kørelen”. (Trout’s up to 4 kilos have been caught).


The highest mountain in Sund, 284 above sea level. A hike to the top takes approximately 3-4 hours tour/re-tour. A great hike with marked pats and a fantastic scenery overlooking the sea.


5 Islands/islets are seabird reservation areas. Sea bird reservations for some of the most important sea bird species in the area. Special seasons of the year, hunting and travelling on these places are prohibited. On some of the islands there are wild sheep, and they can be fun to watch.


There are good opportunities to go hunting for seabirds from boats, just a few minutes away.


Sotra Rorbucenter is placed in a picturesque scenery on the Southwest part of the island Sotra. It is possible to fish from the dock by the Rorbusenteret or you can rent a boat and go fishing in the fjord or around the skerries further out to sea. There are also several freshwaters with good fishing opportunities close by. The nearest one is only 500 meters away.

Årvika Rorbucenter follow sign to Telavåg. Outside Telavåg there are lots of islets before you reach the open sea. Here there are many good fishing spots, with enough areas for people to use small trolling lines or to fish in deeper water.


Sotra Golfclub is under construction.